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A small invitation singles event around Christmas time using 2-4 tables. Now in it's 8th year and blessed with the best two trophies in the sport (see pictures). Frankly this is just me and about 40 people who happen to know me - but seriously the cups are great.
Current holders: Overall: Tim Walker - Women's: Holly Long

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2003 Champion: Sean Sexton
2003 Ladies Champion: Cathy Brown
2004 Champion: Ben Ward
2004 Ladies Champion: Holly Long
2005 Champion: Nathan Cockerill
2005 Ladies Champion: Corina F Buckwell
2006 Champion: Ben Ward
2006 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2007 Champion: John Walton
2007 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2008 Champion: Tim Walker
2008 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2009 Champion: Tim Walker
2009 Ladies Champion: Holly Long