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Read about the 2005 European Master's Toad in the Hole Championship

The World Championships (aka The International Toad Competition)

A team event in the Town Hall in Lewes every April/May - 12 tables, 160+ and without doubt the main event in the 'sport'. Open to anyone who wants to enter a team although book early because it fills up quick. The event gets more popular each year and is run by the Lewes Lions - whose dedication to the sport has been largely responsible for the growth in the number of tables around. For more about this championships try the Lion's Toad website. You might also have a look at a video put together at this year's tournament by Roger Marshall from the Trevor Arms team.

2010: DCCA
2009: The Laughing Fish B
2008: The Laughing Fish A
2007: King's Head
2006: The Old Azurians

Lewes and District Toad in the Hole league

A pub and social club competition with two divisions that runs roughly the same time as the football season. This league has been largely responsible for the massive increase in the quality of play.
Current teams: Long Man (Plough and Harrow - Litlington... Trevor Tossers & Trevor Arms (both Trevor Arms, Glynde)... Laughing Fish A & B (both Laughing Fish, Isfield)... Meridien (Meridien, Lewes)... St Mary's (St Mary's Social Centre, Lewes)... Chalk Pit (Chalk Pit, Lewes)... Gardener's (Gardener's Arms, Lewes)... Rammin it & Ram B (the Ram, Firle)... Armless Ladies (Lewes Arms, Lewes)... DCC (The Dorset, Lewes)... HMI (Hailsham Memorial Institute social club, Hailsham)... ASBO (The wheatsheaf, Willingdon)... The Con Club (Constitutional Club, Lewes)... Roebuck (The roebuck, Laughton)... The Black Horse (Black Horse, Lewes)
Previous Teams: King's Head, Lewes... Royal Oak, ?... Tram Rovers, ?... Pump House, cooksbridge... Yew Tree, Chalvington... the grenadier (Hailsham)

Division 1 Champions
2006: The Long Man
2007: The Long Man
2008: The Long Man
2009: The Laughing Fish A
2010: Rammin it.

Division 2 Champions
2006: Black Horse
2007: Rammin' it
2008: Trevor Tossers
2009: Rammin' it

The Toad in the Hole League Cup winner's cup
A team based knock out cup that runs through the league season and features teams from the league
2008: The Black Horse

The Lewes Arms annual Toad in the hole competition.

This vies with the world champs for the oldest continuously running event. Following the end of the dispute between Green King and the people of Lewes, this competition should be well attended again this year..
Current champion: Tim (2006)

(2005) Ben Ward

The European Open

Singles event at the Royal Oak in Lewes originally using a loose 'ladder' format but from 2008 using a tournament format.

2007: Tim Walker
2008: Sean Sexton beat reigning champion Tim Walker in the final.

Contact Ben about the European Open.

The European Masters Event

A small invitation singles event around Christmas time using 2-4 tables. Now in it's 5th year and blessed with the best two trophies in the sport (see pictures). Frankly this is just me and about 40 people who happen to know me - but seriously the cups are great.
Current holders: Overall: John Walton - Women's: Katie Tyrrell

Read about the 2005 European Masters Event

Read about the 2006 European Masters Event

Read about the 2007 European Masters Event

Read about the 2008 European Masters Event

Read about the 2009 European Masters Event

2003 Champion: Sean Sexton
2003 Ladies Champion: Cathy Brown
2004 Champion: Ben Ward
2004 Ladies Champion: Holly Long
2005 Champion: Nathan Cockerill
2005 Ladies Champion: Corina F Buckwell
2006 Champion: Ben Ward
2006 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2007 Champion: John Walton
2007 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2008 Champion: Tim Walker
2008 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell
2009 Champion: Tim Walker
2009 Ladies Champion: Holly Long
2010 Champion: Dave Walker
2010 Ladies Champion: Katie Tyrrell


The Caburn Cup

Short team event that takes place at the European Open

2007: Old Azurians
2008: DCCA